Embroidery Scissors 4¼”

  • Embroidery Scissors 4¼”
  • Embroidery Scissors 4¼”
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    Embroidery Scissors 4¼”



    When you're serious about your sewing and crafting, you should be serious about your cutting, too. Mundial® Cushion Soft™ pinking shears, featuring stainless steel blades, are specially designed for ravel resistant seam finishing and also for decorative edging. For best results, cuts should start with one or two sets of teeth already interlocked rather than opening the blades all the way. Let the blades close naturally without squeezing hard. The cutting action will be stiffer than that of regular scissors and shears.

    Embroidery Scissors are used for light work that entails close detail. The blades are slim and sharp with fine, precise points.



    ·         Ergonomic Left or Right Hand Use

    ·         Fine Tips

    ·         Patented Cushion Grip

    Cushion Soft™ scissors and shears with enlarged finger bows and cushioned inserts are soft to the touch with a non-slip grip to provide hours of cutting comfort. This line of scissors and shears features stainless steel blades, and has been designed for maximum control and sharp, straight, accurate cutting.

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